Establishment and management of charitable trusts, for development of Society.

Our Work

The Society will be working to eradicate blindness, and also work to support the Projects running in the villages. It will also make sure to make people aware about Health issues and AIDS awareness and Importance of Vaccinnation. Our Society will also make sure that we work for the disable people and provide them complete assistance in their education and rehabilitaion.

Child Adoption

In India, a majority of the disabled resides in rural areas where accessibility, availability, and utilization of rehabilitation services and its cost-effectiveness are the major issues to be considered.

Charity actions

Working for the benefits of Disable People for their Rehabilitation and Education.

Society Protection

Vaccination Awareness and Information Service provides factual information on vaccinations and alternatives so that parents may make an informed decision. We also have an extensive library..

We Do A Let To Make All The Childern Of The World Happy